Divoom Tivoo-Max Premium 40W Pixal Art Bluetooth + App Controlled LED Panel Portable Speaker


Divoom Tivoo-Max像素炫灯复古蓝牙可客制化屏幕音箱


Featuring a 2.1 speaker setup with an active subwoofer, Tivoo-Max is equipped with 40W audio power. With the powerful Divoom Smart application, you can enjoy the nostalgia pixel art creation, as well as the massive daily functions and smart alarm. It is time for you to step up your game!


最好玩的音箱,有着最好的音质。Divoom Tivoo-Max具备了40W的输出功率,同时巨大的酷炫的像素屏幕,让你可以有超感官的灯光+艺术体验。无论摆在家里的哪一个角落,它必定成为亮点。结合从APP操控的多重功能和极佳音响,每个人都应该拥有一台Divoom Tivoo-Max


Product warranty: 1year

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