Divoom Ditoo Pixal Art Bluetooth + App Controlled Portable Speaker


Divoom Ditoo 像素复古蓝牙 可客制化屏幕音箱


Ditoo is your best desktop companion. Featured with 10W speaker, its audio has been fine-tuned by experienced audio engineers, where the incredible audio evenly distributed to a 360 degrees spectrum. Behind the mechanic keyboards and lever, Ditoo is more than an eye-candy. Through its 256 programmable LED, you can create any pixel art animation, and interact with the largest pixel art community in the world.


Ditoo 是可爱到让你尖叫的复古音箱!拥有10W的声音功率输出,专业的声音呈现给你360度的音质享受。通过专有的免费APP,你可以DIY绘画你独有的像素屏幕,可以玩游戏,还有好多额外功能,绝对是音质+品质+颜值都爆灯的音箱!


Product warranty: 1year

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