Asylea Maxsafe HONa Water 500ml (Ship in 14 days)


Asylea Maxsafe HONa Water 500ml (14天发货)

This is the sanitiser that you need during Covid, the super powerful non-alcohol solution which is:

a) Effective- kills 99.999% viruses, germs, bacteria, protozoa and fungi

b) Fast- kill in 1 sec contact time

c) Well tolerated- non alcohol and made with natural ingredients

d) Safe- safe for children, pregnant mothers and environmental friendly

无酒精消毒水 补充装
无酒精 食品级 能一秒杀死病毒达99.999%


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Asylea Maxsafe HONa water has been proven by a well-known laboratory that it can effectively remove 99.999% of viruses, germs, bacteria, protozoa and fungi in the air of any surface effectively. After all, it is a food ingredients, friendly to pregnant women and kid.
Its active ingredients used have a well established profile, recognised for its effectiveness and on the approved list by WHO, EPA and CDC. HONa water consists of two active ingredients, hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite, formulated with Asylea’s propriety HONa technology. 

Asylea Maxsafe HONa Water 由强大的HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid)和 NAOCL (Sodium Hypochlorite)组成,被美国环保署(EPA)证实可以有效杀死新冠病毒,实验证明可一秒达到99.999%杀毒杀菌的效果。属于食品等级,非常安全,就算被误食也不会有危险,对小孩、孕妇、高龄人士都很温和。

*West Malaysia Only

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